Iconic Geek Collection Badges
Iconic Geek Collection BadgesGeek Chaplin BadgeGeek Stephen Hawking BadgeGeek Sherlock BadgeGeek Gandhi BadgeGeek Einstein BadgeGEEK GANDI BADGE COLLETIVEGEEK CHAPLIN BADGE 0210GEEK CHAPLIN BADGE 021GEEK CHAPLIN BADGE 0215Geek Stephen Hawking Badge1Geek Einstein Badge



The Geek Icon collection consists of 5 badges, all of which depict my interpretation of 5 iconic geeks from history, literature and movies
Charlie Chaplin
Sherlock Holmes
Albert Einstein
Stephen Hawking
These 38mm metal pin badges come attached to a backing board and are ideal for unique presents or collect as there are only 5 in the collection, The quality of these badges are excellent. You can buy one, two, three, four or all five badges


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